Saturday, December 31, 2011

Baby Shower Homemade Party Favors Idea

Baby showers are exciting times in the celebration of the admission of a new child in the world. Despite exciting it can be to be expensive. Why not help your friend or family member so that the baby shower favors? Chocolate lollipops are a great idea because you can do a lot of them very quickly, with a relatively small amount of chocolate. If you have never worked with chocolate before it can be a challenge if it is justified or simply if you run a few steps. First, there are two types of blades, to select either color or a color. Let us concentrate on a single color in this article.

The basic steps are cookies with chocolate chips melted coating, plastic mold filling, put popsicle sticks in the shape of the chocolate is still melted, then let the chocolate game for about 25 minutes. You can all deliveries: the Popsicle sticks, chocolate waffles, mussel’s lollipops online or at local supply stores of sodium and crafts. Make sure the forms, which can accommodate Popsicle sticks have to buy. The shapes of all shapes, bottles, rattles, baby faces cute useful, baby blocks and so on. Best cooking supply store in the city because they have the highest bid. With the Orlando D & G line is taken high, or for research or Chocolate chip cookies come in many different colors for the occasion, are pink, light blue or white is best.

Baby Shower Party Favors
What better way, exactly as you want. You can take a bath, a small pot on top of which is greater. It heats the water in the soil and the postponement of the steam and the pot is heated over the chocolate. With the double boiler to melt chocolate is a ton at a time. My favorite way of this project is the microwave. I clicked on the color of chocolate chip cookies in airtight plastic bags, freezer bags and heat up to 50% energy. First for a minute, then every 15 seconds, where by the bag every time until it melts the work of the chocolate from the outside of the bag with the fingers. One trick can avoid overheating or heat on the double-boiler or microwave slowly. Not too hot, proceeds to check it, to ensure that not too hot. Stir frequently with the use of the tub.

I found a unique way to do it with plastic bottles of sauce, which can be bought in most supermarkets. It has many plugs can clean by hand and advice clog easily. They can be cleaned with toothpicks, but they lose much time. It's easier to just replace the lid with a new one. The trick is to get the chocolate in the bottle. If you use a double boiler, then you must buy one with a head on one side, allowing the dumping or you have to buy an accessory or, of course, can be poured through a funnel. If my preferred method of the freezer bag and microwave use, you just cut the corner of the bag and squeeze the chocolate in the bottle, to squeeze the toothpaste. Then cap the bottle with the cap. The following is the most important part of maintaining the liquid chocolate.

You keep the chocolate melted partially filled glasses and pots with warm (not hot). You can keep a pot of hot water on the stove and easily transfer some into a tall glass, then put the bottle into the glass. NOT the chocolate in the bottle. Chocolate and water do not mix. I prefer the glass part in the boat to be placed on the burner yet filled. I have a tape recorder next to my work, so you have to go through the kitchen.

It's easier to have multiple forms instead of one. Because you were need time to harden the chocolate. Mussels are also many shells and cavities that are filled with chocolate, usually for 6-8 quantity. , Fills imagine a tool plate is configured to allow the refrigerator for about 25 minutes, removing blades, and repeat over and over again. It is easier and faster to use more storage, so you can fill at a time, before allowing them to set. Press the chocolate in a cavity at a time until it is aligned with the upper side. Fill all the cavities of the tray, then grab the side and knocked on the table, until the chocolate is flat. Take advantage of all the surface bubbles with a toothpick. Setting a base pallet in space on the mold paste at least one end of the rear half of the cavity. Place the tray in the refrigerator for about 25 minutes and repeat the steps in the next compartment. Back at the stage of the merger, it is important to melt the chocolate slowly and do not overheat or change the color of a brand as it goes. After all remove carefully the pallets from the pan.

It is best wrapped in cellophane bags and tie with ribbon. You can even label on the front or back. Next, place the leaves in a rectangular or round. You can buy them at craft stores. I found two guys that I like as much or Merckens Wilton. Wilton is easier to find and cheaper, from $ 2 to $ 3 per bag here in the United States. Wal-Mart is even leading now, but not only a variety of colors. Both brands have a good taste and do the work.


  1. This is thee most beautiful baby shower that I've ever seen! I love every single thing...amazing.

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  2. I love your ideas for baby shower favors. I’ve been looking for some baby shower decorating ideas for boys that can both serve as a part favor and a decoration at the same time. Thanks for sharing!